A Very Adventurous Day

Our new show for 2019, available from Term 2 onwards!  

Spend an action-packed day in Noodlybark with four lovable glove puppet characters...

Professor Lerderderg and his wacky inventions, Neilly the Garden Gnome with his ‘Grow Anything’ seeds, Mrs Lerderderg cooking a special dinner in her magical kitchen, and everyone’s favourite furry four-legged helper Baabara the Lamb. 

And to complete the day’s outing with a grand tale of mythical adventure, we present “The Dragon Who Ate The Sun”!

Show Details
Age: 4-7
Length: 50 minutes
Set-up: 15-20 minutes
Pack-up: 15-20 minutes
Space: 2m x 2m approx.



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